"Rise of the Tomb Raider"

I had the fortune of building the newest Lara model along side Kam Yu for the latest "Rise of the Tomb Raider"
There is both Kam and myself's hard work in this character. some screenshots below of her and some others!


"Vogue Sith"

Not sure where I will go with this just yet. here is a current WIP of a 'vogue sith' I am making.
the idea was she there for a vogue shoot. More vogue than star wars.





"Buck - The Space Pirate"

No idea what I'll do with this just yet.. but though't I'd share. more updates soon. I'll still be
working on other things on the side.



"Dancouver - Self portrait"

Well.. another year.. and more projects! I decided that this time I would create myself as a portrait.
still long ways to go yet.. but keep checking out my FB for recent updates. I'm hand sculpted/texturing in
Mudbox and rendering in VRAY.







"The New Yorker"
This is a small digital human project I was part of for the New Yorker Magazine. Rendered in Vray.
Rendering Credit
: Dan Roarty, Jay Busch, Christopher Nichols, and Paul Debevec.



Lynda.com Documentary
This is a short 'making of' documentary that Lynda.com did on my process for character creation for 'Happy Birthday Nana'.


My Name's Pankrac
This is a very WIP head I am creating as part of an ongoing tutorial session for 3DTotal.com for Creative Magazine.

Image and character created for 3DTotal.com Ltd. www.3dtotal.com.
Tutorial series available in 3DCreative Magazine www.3dcreativemag.com
Issues 96 – 101




Some on going very WIP sculpts


Freckles in a Blanket
This is a portrait I created for 3D Artist Magazine - issue 60. It was a fun image to work on of a young woman wrapping herself in a red blanket.

Modeled in Maya, textured in Mudbox and rendered in Vray. Hair was created with Shave and a Haircut and spec maps I used Knald. There is a 6 page tutorial for this if anyone is interested which can be found here: 



- Recent Work - (2007 - 2013) 


Happy Birthday Nana

'Happy Birthday Nana' Complete! I'll be putting up some more screens soon.. Modeled in Maya, 
sculpted/textured in Mubox, hair in Shave and a Haircut and rendered in Vray. all the spec maps were created using new software 
called Knald. The feedback has been overwhelming and thanks for all the wonderful plugs and shares!




Star Wars: 1313

So this is what myself and some talented people over at LucasFilm/LucasArts/ILM have been 
working on. I was responsible for modeling and texturing the main character and hair  featured in this game 
preview of
Star Wars: 1313 (facial shapes/animation by Matt Furniss)
MOVIE LINK HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQyGu4EqZsU



The Blue Project - Complete!

Finally complete! The image is based off of my wife Nicole. Software used was Maya, Mudbox for
sculpting and texturing and Shave and Haircut for hair (rendered in Mental Ray)

The response has been overwhelming and I really appreciate all the wonderful kind comments! On
to the next project!
(Below are some of the awards and publications for 'The Blue Project')




Exaggerated sculpts - WIP (2009)

Trying to get back to sculpting some personal work again. Here are WIP head sculptures.




Trying to update weekly with new stuff. Thanks for visiting!